Hi there,

I’m Stephanie!

Black doula and energy healer in Colorado.

Spiritual Wellness Birth Packages

As a Black doula and reiki practitioner, I help birthing people create an empowering birth plan that prioritizes their energetic well-being. 

Connect more deeply to yourself with the power of Reiki before, during and after birth.

I can support you with reiki in prenatal, during birth and postpartum in multiple ways…

Prenatal + Birth

Continuous birth doula support, reiki healing, meditation and prenatal yoga to support an empowering childbirth experience. Create a birth plan that works for you and prioritizes taking care of your energetic self.

* Discount on full spectrum Spiritual Wellness Package that includes Prenatal, Birth and Postpartum support.


Reiki healing for birthing person, baby and partner, warming meals and postpartum support along with life-balance coaching. Receive support as you transition to this new stage of life.

* Physically located in the Denver Metro area of Colorado, but also able to travel out of state.

Get to Know Me

I’m Stephanie Lauredent-Diasio, Black doula and energy healer. I found my way to energy and birthwork after having daily panic attacks while working in a toxic environment that completely drained my energy.

After finding meditation, reiki and yoga, I noticed a drastic decline in my anxiety and started to have more control over my life.

I saw a need to support others in their quest to have the freedom to be in charge of their lives. 

Get in Touch


Looking for someone who will help empower you and your family as you bring new life into the world? Book a free doula intro call with me to connect!

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