I Wasn’t Feeling 22 

I think it’s safe to say I fell off this blog for about a year. Shameful, I know. I celebrated my 24th birthday a few weeks ago and I have to say… I spent 23 recovering from how rough 22 was! This past year has been a roller coaster for me. I’m a little less lost than I was at 22. Emphasis on a little. 

The first couple years out of school are hard. It’s the first time in your life where you have to make decisions for yourself. I oftentimes at this point am stunned when I realize I don’t have to justify the decisions I make. But that’s the beauty of getting older. You get to figure out what’s best for you as you go.

So to make up for lost time, here’s an update on the year I spent recovering from the struggles of 22:

Work, stress and all that jazz

One of the biggest changes that happened at 23 was my career. At 22, I realized how much I wanted to be somewhere that valued my work.

Stress really can do a number on you. It wasn’t until I took a step back that I realized how overwhelmed I really was. At work and in my life as a whole. When I was a year out of school I really wanted to go back to what felt comfortable. My bubble of certainty. But I had to go out into the real world whether I liked it or not. And the real world is definitely scary! It’s full of unknowns at every turn.

Of course I’ll always miss being a full time college student. But that’s just one chapter of life. It would be crazy to try to live in the past when the present has so many new opportunities. I’m working full time and getting my masters in public health, which isn’t what I thought I’d be doing a year ago.

I’ve realized that things only happen when you’re ready for them. Whether it’s a new job, relationship or even an opportunity. I guess the cliché that you’ll find someone when you aren’t looking is true. It has certainly turned out to be true for me! The things I can handle now are only because of the chaos I encountered at 22. While I was trying to gain my footing I also learned how to survive the storm.

My life is far from perfect. At 22, I was hoping and praying for perfection and for everything to tie up in a bow really nicely. But I’ll take the insanity. I’ll take the tears I once shed over people and unfortunate situations. Because they’ve helped shape me into the person I am today.

At 24, I can appreciate my life because of the turmoil and confusion I had at 22. So yes, I wasn’t feeling 22 when I was going through it… But I certainly appreciate it now looking back at it.

Here’s to seeing what 24 and beyond has in store.

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