Baby Steps

“I can’t wait until I graduate. I can’t wait until prom. I can’t wait until college. I can’t wait until I’m done with college. I can’t wait until I get a job. I can’t wait until I finish my applications for grad school.” I can’t wait until…

If I had a nickel for every time I said I can’t wait until something happens, I’d be rich.

Have you ever had the desire to rush through stages of your life? That’s where I’m at right now. I have no idea what’s going to happen next and it’s terrifying. I know there’s only so much we have control over. I’m currently waiting to hear back from MBA programs and I’m getting antsy. I really want to fast forward through this waiting game but that isn’t an option. My habit of coming up with a plan is being severely limited right now. There’s only so much with this process I can control right now. Now, all I can do is wait.

Time feels like it’s moving really slow but waiting is part of the journey. 

I have so much anticipation and so many questions that need answers. But I’m not at the stage where I have all the information in front of me. While this process is making me impatient, all I can do is take baby steps towards my dreams.

Today I went to an open house for my alma mater which also happens to be my dream school for the MBA. As I was driving towards campus today, I was so nostalgic. I remembered taking the subway for the first time, all the walks I took on broad street and more importantly the first time I visited the campus. I had the same feeling when I went today and I fell in love with my school all over again.

Visiting campus today and thinking about what my future might look like made me think of what a secretary at my high school told me when I was eager to find out who I would go to prom with and where I would go to school.

“Don’t rush your life. Everything that you’re wondering about is going to play out in front of you, but if you’re too focused on the future you won’t get to cherish the present. You’ll blink and you’ll be at graduation.”

And she was right! I went to prom, I got into school, I graduated and moved to Philly. At the time I wanted to press fast forward on my life, and sometimes I still want to. Now I’m at another big turning point in my life where all I can do is wait and enjoy what is going on right now.

But that’s easier said than done. Hopefully I’ll be able to distract myself for the next month because I’m getting impatient!

We have to take things in steps. Everything will work out even if we can’t see the big picture right now. Eventually, everything makes sense.

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