Scheduling Self-Care

As I’ve been trying to figure out how to commit to taking care of myself, one thing that has been suggested to me is to block off time on my calendar for self-care. Scheduling work outs, meditation or writing hasn’t been an easy task. I notice that I tend to follow through on the workouts that I have to pay for, but see the other scheduled things as being “optional”. When I first started planning out work outs I was pretty successful but the difficulty I face is committing to it when there are other obligations that pop up.

When I need to schedule something and the time works for everyone else, it is extremely difficult for me to think of myself and ask if there’s another time frame that can work. Instead, I end up bending over backwards to fit others schedules and ultimately am unable to follow through for myself.

I’m realizing that I need to change the narrative of what self-care is for me. It needs to be respected as sacred time. Rather than just being a moment to write, meditate or exercise, these are all things that are a release. A moment of clarity. Time for me to recharge.

Why is it so easy to do things that please or work for others and not ourselves?

There are people I know who are able to focus on their needs and do it in such an unapologetic way. There are others who approach it in a manner that completely disregards others that they are working with but I still can admire their desire to put their needs first.

I want to find out how to strike the balance between focusing on my needs and being empathetic towards others needs.

What is the happy medium between selfless and selfish? And why is there guilt that can be associated with putting your own needs ahead of others?

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