Treating Life Like Running

If I treated life like I treat running, I would lead such a calm life. I love to run but lately I haven’t been able to because I’ve been training to become a certified yoga instructor and applying for jobs post grad school.

But I had races that I already signed up for that needed to be completed. Typically, I would train for these events, but that wasn’t possible this time. I ran the broad street run in May (10 miles) and a 10K in late August (6.2 miles) without any real training. I was actively doing yoga, but I didn’t run at all. The photo above is from my 10K and it was worth all of the sweating.

The runs were still challenging, but I figured I had a lot going on, and as long as I finished that’s all that mattered. The pace of my run or the time it took me to finish meant nothing to me. Completion was the goal.

Now imagine if I approached my career, mental health and self image in that way?

Imagine instead of saying something negative, the approach was,

“Well, you’re here. You’re trying and that’s all that matters.”

Imagine facing life like applying the effort and being grateful for the ability to move, breathe, be alive and all the countless other gifts we have… are enough.

When I run after no training for a race, I am generally nervous but overall grateful that I am physically capable of moving, of doing something that will be good for my body and mind.

If there’s one thing I’m starting to realize, it’s that life doesn’t have to feel stifling. If you have a desire, dream or goal, it can happen even with baby steps. In fact, that’s often the way to make a real impact.

We’re here, we’re trying and that’s all that matters.  

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