Turning Back Time

The past couple of months taught me just how hard on myself I truly can be. Negative self talk can be all consuming and it can either break you or teach you. Usually, it breaks me. Somehow in the past couple of months, I’ve grown tired of the amount of negativity that I have given myself. I’m so ready to turn over a new leaf. *Check out My Letter to Myself. In my search for a job, I’ve been really tough on myself.

We’ve been in Denver, CO for a month and I approached the search for a job with the same pressure on myself as I did when I was living in Philly. At some point last month, something inside me clicked. I realized that it is a complete waste of time to be so tough on myself.

I’m canceling out the past pain I experienced with job searching in Philly. I need to start fresh.

The sunsets here are 😍😍😍

This month, I’m going to consider as being month one of my search in Denver.

Unfortunately, I think I needed to hit my lowest low, in order to realize that I need to love myself more. I need to remind myself and be reminded that tough things happen. But as a person with anxiety and depression, I need to be even more aware and mindful of the words I use to describe myself. I need to display more love to myself and see the effort that I put into things. 

With all of that being said, a new place means a new start. And part of that new start includes new things. I am finishing up my yoga certification and plan on writing more about self-care/mental health. Stay tuned!

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