How connected do you feel to your body? Do you notice when you’re overwhelmed or do you push past the pain?

Do you slow down when necessary and give yourself grace when needed? Or do you tell yourself to suck it up and ignore your needs?

I’ve experienced both. On opposite ends with feeling completely disconnected and feeling all of my emotions to the point that I felt like I couldn’t function.

In the past I felt like I was observing actions that were happening to me, up from above my body. I use to continuously operate this way.

It was easier to push through and ignore what was happening to me, ignore what I was feeling and try to operate like business as usual.

I’ve also been on the opposite end of the spectrum where I felt my feelings, the feelings of others and questioned my every move.

It’s crazy how connected I feel to my body now because I use to feel as though my body wasn’t mine. I use to be told how to act, dress, respond, operate and had to just take it with a smile.

In my most overwhelming moments, I believed the crap that others would tell me about myself and I would feel like I was floating out of my body. It felt like it was the only way to deal with things.

In the moments I realize that I’m looking at situations I’m currently in from the bird’s eye view, I know it’s time to tap in. I know it’s time to connect and feel. I know it’s time to write, meditate, and confront myself.

It’s terrifying, it’s anxiety driven and it also forces me to face myself and everything that is going on in my body and my mind.

What do you do to connect with yourself?

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