How to Conquer Analysis Paralysis

Do you ever feel like your brain is full? Full of doubt, full of worry and unsure of what to do next?

Analysis paralysis, have you ever heard of it? It’s when you have so many things that you are trying to make decisions on that instead of taking action, you are paralyzed by doubt, options and everything in between.

It paralyzes you from moving forward or making decisions because, what if you make the wrong one?

I learned about it in business school and was floored because it basically describes the story of my life. Overanalyzing things at every angle and overthinking are what I do best.

Here’s the problem with analysis paralysis though, it slows you down from taking action.

So instead of sitting paralyzed with decisions to make, here’s what I’m working on doing!

Positive Affirmations – Every morning I’ve been saying the following:

✨ Done is better than perfectionism

✨ Asking for help is a strength

✨ I am calm and able to tackle whatever comes my way

Prioritize Decisions – How big of an impact is the decision?

✨ Rank the decisions that need to be made. Can you take action on it now?

Break The Work Into Chunks – Baby steps makes tasks more achievable.

Fuck Being a Perfectionist – Alright I say this, but this one is hard.

✨ It’s a work in progress but it’s important to remove yourself from every little detail!

Give those tips a shot and let me know how it goes! What do you do when you’re struggling to make a decision?

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