Redefining Your Rules

We have rules… sounds weird right? Why would we have a set of rules that we operate by?

But we do! We all have rules that we use in daily life.

This is definitely an area that I’ve had to work on the most. Before I jump into redefining rules… let’s break this down:

What are rules?

✨ Rules are a set of principles/code that you operate by. They are often what we are raised with and are passed down generationally.

✨ While rules may have helped us survive as a species overall, there are definitely sets of rules that we grew up with that need to be updated and removed.

How do you redefine them and change them? – Use these tips to help!

✨ Journal on the rules that you grew up with that didn’t work for you and no longer serve you.

✨ Create affirmations with a new set of rules that align with how you want to operate in life. Say them daily for 21 days.

✨ Start to follow your new set of rules. Be gentle with yourself here, it may take some time to rewire a new way of thinking and doing things.

Not sure where to start with affirmations to redefine your rules? – Feel free to borrow mine!

✨ I am responsible for my happiness
✨ I can conquer whatever comes my way
✨ Failure is a learning experience
✨ I make things easy, because done is better than perfect
✨ I create space for what I want

What new rules have you created for yourself?

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