Use Your Voice

As I’ve been tapping into my past and learning from it, I’ve been facing things that use to bother me, with more ease.

I’ve been approaching things with more reflection on if it’s even worth my energy rather than immediately allowing all of my energy to be zapped.

As a people pleaser, it can be hard to operate when you want to make everyone happy and leave yourself out of the equation. When you prioritize others thoughts, feelings, emotions and don’t include yourself, to make them comfortable.

When you start to open up, and you’re typically quiet, people often don’t know what to do with it. Because they’re only use to the smiles, the happiness, the bending over backwards that you innately do.

But speak anyway.

Share anyway.

Shine anyway.

Do it, even if it terrifies you every time.

Speak, even if you receive an emotional and selfish response back.

Speak, instead of keeping pain inside to make other people comfortable. Speak.

I don’t know why this phrase is sticking with me today, but I feel the need to share it, especially if it can help someone: Use your voice.

Use your voice.

Even when someone tries to smother it.

Use your voice, even when it makes others uncomfortable.

Use your voice to share your hopes, dreams and fears.

Use your voice.

How are you using your voice?

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