How I Shake Off Negative Self Talk

What are the thoughts like in your head? Are they nice thoughts, or do they keep you up at night?

My thoughts use to be loud and booming.

All consuming.

They would interfere with every day life to the point that I was uncomfortable being around people. Because my thoughts were shouting at me and the only things that were coming to mind were negative things about myself.

This is going to sound silly, but whenever a negative thought of mine tries to creep in now, I have a huge reaction like the ladies in Real Housewives.

I immediately say, “Who said that?!” Because I KNOW I’m not walking around talking trash about myself, that must have come from somewhere else.

After laughing about having that reaction, I usually write, meditate or move my body to try to shake off the negativity that tried to creep into my mind.

I’m all about shaking off negativity and redirecting energy to something positive, especially during stressful moments.

How do you navigate negative self talk?

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