Strength in Vulnerability

What makes you vulnerable? Is it sharing your thoughts? Letting people in without knowing if they will judge you?

I use to always be fearful of being judged, and the thing is, I got judged anyway. In a world that will judge you for all the things you are and aren’t doing correctly, or aren’t doing yet… waiting to be judged is inevitable.

✨ So you might as well do what makes you happy and open up while you do it.

Being vulnerable can be scary but there is certainly strength in letting your walls down. Do you ever notice how hard it is to connect with others when you have a wall up?

It instantly makes it difficult to connect with others, because if you can’t be vulnerable, it’s harder for others to open up, and then we suspect that they aren’t being open with us.

✨ The next time you question if you’re being too vulnerable, or too open, know this: opening up the door and showing your vulnerability not only shows your strength, it allows others to be vulnerable as well.

When is the last time you opened up?

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