7 Lessons Learned As My Own Boss

I’ve officially been my own boss for a week and it’s been an adventure! The LLC for SLD Wellness was established January 1, and I’ve been on go ever since.

Check out the seven lessons I’ve already learned as CEO and Founder of my own wellness company:

  1. Feedback from others is essential.
    • In my first week I had so many things to figure out to start running smoothly. Getting support from people I trusted was needed! Have you checked out the SLD Wellness Podcast yet? It’s out now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud. That for me is a prime example of leaning into getting help from experts who know more than I do.
    • Don’t know how to get an RSS feed for a podcast? Unsure of how long an intro/outro for it should be or what you want one to sound like? Use your resources!!
  2. Something will usually break right when you don’t want it to.
    • My website crashed a few times, pop ups weren’t showing up and through it all I kept it moving! Something will inevitably break. My job in this life is to do my best, not be perfect.
  3. Community helps keep you going.
    • Having friends check in on my progress, sign up for the SLD Wellness newsletter, share thoughts on my writing and the podcast has helped me keep going this week.
  4. Asking for help is a strength! Keep asking for help when you need it.
    • People want to help! They don’t always know how, but if you need help or support, asking for help gives you the ability to see things from another point of view and accomplish things faster. I truly believe that we get further together than we do apart.
  5. It might feel like you’re spending energy towards something unattainable to some, but it’ll feel better than even your best day working for someone else.
    • My best days working for someone else can’t even compare to how fulfilled I feel working for myself. It doesn’t mean it’s always been smooth sailings, but having control and freedom over my life to creatively help others is worth it.
  6. There’s a reason you made the decision to work for yourself, you’ll be reminded of it often.
    • Everyday I’ve been going back to my “why”. Why am I doing this? Who do I want to work with and why? How can I best support my clients? I rattle these questions off to myself everyday when I write or create programs. Having the freedom to take care of myself as I work to take care of others has been my driving mission as my own boss.
  7. Just start!
    • You’ll find every reason under the sun for why you shouldn’t start, if you want to. You can find every reason to hold off, to prepare. But the only way you know how it will go is to start.
    • If it means taking baby steps to get more and more comfortable, and improve while you go, do it. But start!

Tell me, what has it been like for you to start something new?

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