How to Use Doubt As Fuel

Do you struggle with accomplishing tasks, going after your goals or making pivots in your life because you’re hung up on what other people think?

Check out the tips I continuously use to fuel myself when I encounter a setback, whether it’s an unwarranted opinion, doubt about my purpose from others or my own self doubt.

Write down what you are passionate about and why you are doing the things that you do.

What gets you excited, what could you talk about nonstop, even if you were doing it unpaid? This is going to be your reference point whenever you face other opinions. What inspires you and lights you up?

Think back to where you were a few months ago. What have you learned and what patterns are you encountering?

Looking back on where you were and where you are now can be tough, especially if you’re encountering difficult things, be gentle with yourself. In Episode 002: Anxiety and Physical Symptoms of the SLD Wellness Podcast, I dive into the 10/10/10 rule and how it has been a huge perspective shift.

Find a creative or physical outlet to express yourself.

Let’s brainstorm for a second. What makes you feel good after you do it? Is it writing, singing, coloring, drawing, dancing, crocheting, moving your body, yoga? Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it. Move that energy through you.

Be gentle with yourself.

I have to be very honest with you, writing this right now is hard, because I’ve been spending the bulk of this month planning and waiting to see the impact. At the start of the month I launched SLD Wellness the Podcast and it’s already something that has been making a positive impact which makes me excited to jump in even further.

I was on a constant search for my purpose and it tormented me, this is the first time in my life where I’m realizing that all of my experiences are intended to help me help others. My determination in my purpose is what picks me up when others try to bring me down.

I’ve been hard at work on wellness programs that I’ll be sharing soon, if you want to be the first to know when they will be available, join the SLD Wellness mailing list and grab the free meditation and Self Love Guide! I send out monthly tips, resources and let you in behind the scenes of what I’m working on for you.

Let me know if the tips resonate. What do you do when you face doubt from others?

4 responses to “How to Use Doubt As Fuel”

  1. You’re so wise, Steph! All of these tips resonate for me… The first one is the most challenging for me. I find it really hard to even claim “passions” because I immediately tell myself I’m not good enough at them or I’m not passionate “enough” .. enough gets me into trouble!

    • Thanks love!! I totally hear you on the passion! I think perfection makes us think that we have to be perfect at something in order for it to be a passion, but if we are picking it back up again because we’re interested in it, it’s worth claiming it! 💕

  2. These definitely resonate! It’s so important to keep our eyes trained on ourselves and our inner knowing of what we’re here to do. Ashe!!

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