Hard and Necessary Lessons

Do you ever get so consumed by emotion that it takes over? Where it makes it hard to process things and see beyond where you currently are?

Lately, I’ve been encountering what feel like hard but necessary lessons that are important to confront in life. Let me know if any of them resonate with you!

I’m learning to accept that you can’t make everyone happy. There will be people that try to tell you that they miss how you used to be, and they will often be the same people who had problems with how you were to begin with.

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There will always be some unrealistic bullshit expectation that exists for you, if you allow others to place benchmarks for your success. Other people will have expectations about how much progress you need to be making in life if you let them. What is important to you?

There will often be times when you feel like you’re traveling an unknown path alone. Seek connection when you can, with yourself primarily and also with others. It can feel isolating when you are trying to discover your path, it can be lonely when you’re dealing with something and feel like no one understands you.

Meditation, journaling, self-study and connecting with yourself are tools that can help guide you. Therapists, coaches, friends, loved ones, mentors and community are wonderful resources that we often forget about when we feel alone.

It can be easy to have tunnel vision and be unable to see outside of what is happening right in front of us. Give yourself love and be patient with yourself. Join the mailing list to get the free self-love guide and meditation!

What lesson connects with you most?

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