Episode 014: Self Belief Through Dark Times

Navigating tough things? Feeling unsure of your path?

Have you ever looked back at your past and appreciated how far you’ve come?

Taking breaks are necessary. Focusing on yourself and your needs is essential especially if you’re navigating anxiety and depression.

I’m going let you in on a little known secret 🤫

Two weeks before I had this photoshoot with Sara Plett, where she took a lot of the ones for SLD Wellness that I love, I had a massive panic attack. 

Panic attacks aren’t new for me. It was one of many that I’ve had in my life but it was the one that pushed me to decide to fully own who I am and prioritize my health above everything else. 

After the panic attack, I went to the East Coast and when I came back home, I knew for a fact that I needed to prioritize myself and I think it shines through in every single photo that she took and in every single interaction I’ve had since. 

It’s what pushed me to take a leap of faith, quit an unfulfilling and toxic job, in order to find my purpose and help others heal themselves 💕

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately because the more I learn about myself, the more I learn that you really truly do have to go through the tough things with faith in order to own who you are. 

Check out more of my experience with panic attacks and how this one in particular turned my world completely upside down and made me realize that support is necessary along with believing in yourself.

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Let me know if you relate. How do you get through dark times?

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