Episode 015: Ending People Pleasing

Do you struggle with people pleasing?

It can be hard to say no to others when you feel pressured to say yes, or when you are more concerned about their feelings than your own.

Check out my experience with the difficulty of ending it and how the habit of people pleasing is often a distraction from self and your own needs.

Establishing boundaries is key! And while it’s something that is a difficult thing to do especially if you’re used to being a caretaker, it’s necessary.

When you start to establish boundaries, people that don’t have them, or aren’t use to you setting them, will most likely be surprised. People who don’t have a sense of self or lack boundaries often get upset when boundaries are established and lash out.

Staying the course, remembering what you need and verbalizing it is needed.

How do you approach people pleasing?

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