How To Find Your Competitive Advantage

Let’s talk competitive advantage shall we?

Are you curious to know what your competitive advantage is?

Unsure of what that phrase even means? When I first found out about competitive advantage, it was in business school, in reference to companies competing with each other.

Competitive advantage is a condition or circumstance that allows a company to outperform their competitors. It’s the thing that makes them different and stand out from everyone else.

Now while I love talking business, what I love about competitive advantage is the fact that it can also apply to your daily life, and how you can approach the world.

Are you feeling out of place? Feeling as though you have no idea what your next move is or how to move through life? Knowing your competitive advantage can absolutely help you get a better understanding of yourself and what makes you special. It can help you find your gifts that you do naturally and innately, the ones that you didn’t know were your strengths.

Use the questions below as a journaling prompts and think through them to find out what yours are!

✨ What are the things that you got made fun of for when you were younger?

✨ Who do you look up to and who do you consider your mentors? Why?

✨ What topics are you naturally drawn to? Do you notice a trend in your interests?

✨ What are the things that you enjoy doing? What can you totally geek out on?

✨ What would you do no matter what and could talk about nonstop whether you were paid for it or not?

Being able to understand what you were like when you were younger, who you look up to and what your interests are can give you a sense of the pattern that you typically follow.

I always knew that I wanted to help people, love talking to them and helping them solve problems. I knew that I was great at calming situations down and had no idea how that would translate. But once I started to look at what I was typically interested in: yoga, meditation, breath work and energy, what I realized is that I’m a healer and didn’t know it was something that was a huge piece of my life.

Oftentimes growing up, we were criticized for things that made us special or great at by people who were insecure. People who were able to see our light and felt uncomfortable by it and rather than realizing that, we shied away from our gifts.

Give this a shot and let me know how it goes! What is your competitive advantage?

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