Embracing Rest and Care

What does embracing rest look like to you?

As the clock is counting down on my 20’s, (three days and counting!) I can’t help but think that there’s so many things that need to get done. What I need to accomplish, need to check off my list before I reach my 30’s.

So many things that are left to do, left to see and left to explore in life.

But what about the things that have ALREADY happened?

Do you ever stop to pat yourself on the back and celebrate the things that you’ve already done?

As a society, we often operate as though nothing is ever enough. As if we need to do all the things first, in order to truly enjoy the life that we have.

We feel like we have to delay our happiness and be disciplined in expressing it in order to savor life to its fullest. Which is a twisted way to operate. How can you enjoy life if you’re constantly chasing the next best thing?

As I think about turning thirty, there’s a thought that has shifted in my head in the best possible way. Rather than being fearful of what hasn’t happened yet, or what I haven’t accomplished yet by society’s standards, I’m eternally grateful for the things that I already have in my life.

Still being on this earth, still being around to smile and make others laugh, still being alive and making it to 30 is something I’m always going to be grateful for. Because I can so vividly remember the days that I almost wasn’t here. The days that I couldn’t get out of bed and dreaded still being here. I can remember regretting still being on this earth and questioning myself, my purpose and why I was still here.

I can remember having daily panic attacks and wondering if there was anything I could do to numb my pain.

The shift is one that I actively work on, today I was reminded that taking a break and getting rest is something that is needed, rather than something to be ashamed of.

This month has been a time of slowing down, integrating and finding the time to rest to make decisions from a calm and grounded place. Rather than operating from a checklist, I’m leaning into more flow. And whenever it feels like there’s a rush to get things done, that’s often when I’m reminded to slow down and do something that is enjoyable first.

The SLD Wellness Podcast is on break this month, and I decided to use the time to slow down and reflect on SLD Wellness the business. What the future looks like and how I want to show up for myself and others.

What seems to be an overwhelming reminder is the need to take breaks, rest, and do things in a flow that feels best.

Looking ahead at the next couple months, I intend on sharing more about rest, self-care, savoring the moment and getting grounded.

Taking time to slow down and rest, allows you to approach situations with clarity, rather than anxiety.

When you operate from anxiety, it can feel like your mind is racing. Like things will never end and there isn’t a solution in sight. It’s hard to see past the racing mind when you’re stuck in the middle of it.

When you are able to see things with clarity, you are often able to finish tasks quicker, with more ease and with less stress.

If you’re looking for more ease and less stress, you’ve come to the right place 💕

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What does rest and and ease look like to you?

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