A Message for the Oddballs and Weirdos

A Message for all the Oddballs and Weirdos:

You are beautiful as you are. In all your weird glory. You intimidate the SHIT out of people who are so self conscious that they allow their insecurities to speak loud for them.

They would rather turn the spotlight on you so that they can fade in the background.

YOU are what makes this world special. Not the people who try to “fit in” and “be cool.”

Ooh, I’m sure you’ve tried to fit in and blend. But you are indeed the cool one.

You’re trending before anyone else because you move to the beat of your own drum.

All those labels you’ve been given? They’re a spell that others try to put on you. To try to downplay your greatness.

The people who are often labeled as “weird,” “odd,” “the weirdos,” “the oddballs,” are given labels that never fit them.

What is normal anyway? It’s just an average on the bellcurve. No one really fits into “normal.”

In my high school yearbook, as a backhanded compliment, someone wrote that I was weird that I was so “naive” and “innocent.” That I was unaware of the world and going to be in complete shock when I entered into the “real” world. It pissed me off and lit a fire under me to leave my town and never look back.

Little did they know, at that point I knew a lot and dealt with it all silently. I already was battling sexual trauma, nightmares from sexual abuse and anxiety that I hid from the world and continued to hide for years to come. I allowed the anger to build deep inside me as I showed a mask to the world. A very silent character that I played in front of others as I dealt with the pain alone.

You’ve experienced things that no one else will ever understand. They’ll downplay it and try to tell you how to feel. Because they don’t know how to process their own emotions. And just you wait, they’ll turn to you for guidance… because they already secretly do.

Embrace who you are, scars and all. Because those trying to fit into a mold are the ones who are told they are “boring” and have “no substance” as they water down themselves out of fear of rejection.

And you my love, are FAR from either of those things.

You already know what it feels like to be forced into facing yourself, diving deep into the depths and shadows of yourself.

You know what it’s like to be singled out and have had to confront it time and time again. What’s “weird” and “odd” about that?

There’s no need to try to fit into a bubble that in fact, fits no one.

Listen, you are here to change the world and shake the foundation. It’s why you can’t just fit in and blend. Because you are truly meant to stand out.

Hey oddballs and weirdos, I see you because I’m one of you. And we’re going to blow the roof off all the bullshit.

We already do. And people get scared of it, try to silence and shut it down. But it’s time to shake shit up.

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  1. I love this!!! It feels like a rallying cry ♥️♥️ I’m weird and I’m queer and I’m in love with all my fellow freaks!

  2. What a beautiful rallying cry! Im weird and Im queer and im ready to blow the roof off this place! <3

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