Episode 030: When You Feel Like Giving Up

Ever feel like giving up?

Check out my experience with how I almosttt completely walked away from SLD Wellness, the podcast and the business and how to get through when you feel like stopping everything.

Sometimes when you’re going through what feels like the darkest moments of your life, it feels like it makes complete sense to walk away from it all. And maybe it’s a break that you really need if you’re heading towards burnout.

In business the thing I’ve learned is that you’re really doing shadow work. All the things that you’re afraid to confront end up coming to the surface.

“What if I get rejected?” “What if they don’t want to pay for my service and only want things for free?” “What if I lose people in the process of finding myself?”

All of those questions and more can come up for you.

And they DEFINITELY were glaring for me as I had to confront what things would look like in the business after constantly encountering rejection and then having a person I thought I was close to, ask me to be their doula, while completely dropping me after I told them my rate that I offered at a discount for them. They expected me to work for free which took a while to recover from and made me question the work I was doing.

If there’s a message that constantly came through from that it’s this: Sometimes you have to move people from the VIP seats to the regular seats, especially if they have unrealistic expectations like thinking you’ll fly across the country on your own dime to do a heart centered service like birth for free, just because they know you.

Check out my raw and open thoughts on how to keep going when you’re ready to completely stop everything.

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How do you get through your darkest times?

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