Episode 032: 3 Signs You’re Leaking Your Energy

Are you a giver that feels like you’re all over the place doing multiple things at once, constantly resenting getting asked for help and feel exhausted and drained by the interactions?

There’s a large chance that you’re leaking your energy and heading towards burnout.

Check out my experience with burnout, leaking energy and the tips and questions to ask yourself to simplify things for yourself so that you can approach your life with more joy and appreciation of what you ACTUALLY want to do.

Check out Lessons From Burnout on the blog.

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3 responses to “Episode 032: 3 Signs You’re Leaking Your Energy”

  1. I love the show! I really enjoy how you share the steps you take with us as you are taking them. The things you share are very relatable and I enjoy your take on complicated issues that need to be talked about in order to grow. Thank you for creating and sharing from a pure place.

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