Episode 033: Paying Attention to Signs From Your Body

Did you know that your body often sends cues and signals to you when things are off?

Sometimes it can come in the form of pain, feeling off in certain environments, having gut instincts or feeling overwhelmed.

And guess what we do a lot of the time, especially if it’s related to the workplace?

We ignore it and keep doing it all for a paycheck.

Sacrificing our body for money.

In a world where we can focus so much on pushing past the pain that we carry, forced to recover when it all crashes, and spending the bulk of our paycheck to recover from what our body was already warning us about, check out my tips for how to support yourself and notice the signs and cues that your body is always giving you.

And also get a glimpse of what my experience has been like in a body that crashes from toxic places.

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How does your body react to toxic environments?

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