Episode 034: Why I Got Into Birthwork and the Magic of it All

This week I had the honor of delivering two babies in 24 hours! It was such an amazing experience and absolutely inspired this episode.

Birthing people are amazing, their partners are also powerhouses and it’s so beautiful to see the ways they work together to support each other and bring new life into the world.

Check out this week’s episode where I share why I love birthwork, what inspires me to be a doula, what a doula does to provide support and what I enjoy most about the work that I do.

I’m so grateful that I get to do this work and provide support to the birthing person and their partner.

One of my favorite things during the births is being able to be part of their journey and remember their birth experience. Remembering the ways the partners make them smile, laugh and reminds them how beautiful they are.

What I love about birth is there’s no facade, you get to see people completely as themselves, working through their feelings and it’s so awe inspiring.

There’s so much beauty in bringing life into the world.

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