Episode 035: Trauma and Its Impact on the Body

Let’s talk trauma, baby.

Trauma can seep through so many things for you if you don’t confront it.

Through physical pain, anxiety, how you interact with others, your body crashing at what feels like the worst time, your body speaks to you constantly.

When you spend time pushing down what you’ve experienced or you’re too afraid to confront yourself, it can seep through all areas of your life.

Processing what you’re feeling is so worth it, over pushing past things. Because when you push things down, you also push things away.

Physical pain, nightmares, insomnia, being afraid to be alone can also come from ignoring the trauma that you choose not to acknowledge.

I know all too well what it’s like to encounter consistent nightmares because of trauma.

When you don’t confront the things that happen in your waking life, or that have happened in your past, they become a piece of your present that you feel like you’re replaying it over and over again because it hasn’t been processed.

You have to give yourself the space to move through difficult things.

By having a shield in place as a defense mechanism, it can feel like others can’t connect with you, trust you or like when they interact with you it involves harm.

Generational trauma is a veryyyy real thing. Trauma can pass down from generation to generation when it isn’t addressed.

Check out my experience with encountering trauma, confronting it and breaking the cycle of generational trauma.

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