I’m Stephanie Lauredent-Diasio, energy healer and doula. I found my way to energy and birthwork after having daily panic attacks while working in toxic environments that completely drained me. 

I got my Master’s in Business Administration and B.A in Journalism from Temple University in Philadelphia with the desire to change people’s lives and ended up working in the corporate world, while being completely miserable and feeling like I didn’t have a voice.

I was feeling tired as I fell asleep with my phone on my face. Overwhelmed as I kept forgetting to eat meals. Dry heaving every morning while receiving urgent work text messages and thought that I would always live that way because I didn’t know how to say no to others.

And that’s when everything changed. After having a panic attack on a weekend while meditating, I decided that was the final straw and it was time to stop moving through life the way I was.

Through becoming a certified meditation teacher, reiki practitioner, yoga instructor and life coach, I noticed a drastic decline in my anxiety and started to have more control over my life. 

Family and friends started to reach out to me with similar issues I once had, of feeling controlled by others and losing sleep over work. I started working with them to find their strengths by helping them heal their past wounds and created SLD Wellness after I saw a need to support others in their quest to have the freedom to be in charge of their lives. 

If you resonate with my story and want to regain control of your life, heal past traumas and wounds, and create epic boundaries…

Book a FREE 20 min energy assessment call to identify the blocks that are keeping you STUCK


Yoga, Reiki, Doula + Meditation

Through mindfulness, sound bowl meditations, breath work, and tools for reducing anxiety, I empower individuals to use the tools they already have inside of themselves to lead their healthiest lives.


I create clear strategies to identify things that are standing in your way and empower you to tackle them with daily wellness routines.


Marketing and digital strategy are my bread and butter. My talent is in leading and managing teams and individuals to tackle complex problems and synthesize them into digestible and actionable plans.


With over seven years of experience in wellness, communications and fitness, working for radio stations, media and Fortune 500 companies, I can teach you how to transform and pivot your life to have the one you dream of.


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