Episode 035: Trauma and Its Impact on the Body

Let’s talk trauma, baby. Trauma can seep through so many things for you if you don’t confront it. Through physical pain, anxiety, how you interact with others, your body crashing at what feels like the worst time, your body speaks to you constantly.

Lessons from Burnout

Do you ever have a streak of things that are going really well and then your body starts to crash when you bite off more than you can chew? If so, welcome to burnout. Where the lows hit you hard and you’re forced to reflect on what is truly worth putting your time and effort…

Episode 031: 3 Ways to Pivot Towards Your Goals

Are you unsure of how to take the next step in your career or how to achieve your goals? It’s all about the pivot! Learning how to go after your goals and how to articulate it with others, along with finding mentors who are doing what you want do is key!

A Message for the Oddballs and Weirdos

A Message for all the Oddballs and Weirdos: You are beautiful as you are. In all your weird glory. You intimidate the SHIT out of people who are so self conscious that they allow their insecurities to speak loud for them.

Episode 030: When You Feel Like Giving Up

Ever feel like giving up? Check out my experience with how I almosttt completely walked away from SLD Wellness, the podcast and the business and how to get through when you feel like stopping everything.

People Pleasing and Trauma

Did you know that people pleasing is a trauma response? Yes. All the ways that you bend over backwards for others, deplete and neglect yourself to make them happy, and struggle to say no, are actually traits that are associated with trauma and are often linked to something from your past.


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