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SLD Wellness is the podcast all about health and wellness with real advice about overcoming difficult life experiences while managing mental health. Each episode includes a meditation to help you tackle your day. So excited to share more with you!

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Episode 035: Trauma and Its Impact on the Body SLD Wellness

Let's talk trauma baby. Trauma can seep through so many things for you if you don't confront it. Through physical pain, anxiety, how you interact with others, your body crashing at what feels like the worst time, your body speaks to you constantly. When you spend time pushing down what you've experienced or you're too afraid to confront yourself, it can seep through all areas of your life. Check out my experience with encountering trauma, confronting it and breaking the cycle of generational trauma.  Get 50% off your first Restore Reiki + Tarot + Meditation Session Resources: SLD Wellness Website — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sld-wellness/message
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