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SLD Wellness is the podcast all about health and wellness with real advice about overcoming difficult life experiences while managing mental health. Each episode includes a meditation to help you tackle your day. So excited to share more with you!

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Season 2 Episode 005: Why You May Be on the Brink of Something HUGE Flowing With the Punches

Why does it feel like when you're about to give up that things suddenly massively shift in your favor? In this podcast episode, host Stephanie Lauredent-Diasio dives deep into: Why it is that when we feel like we’re at our wits end, things can often work out The importance of giving yourself grace through the struggles and fumbles  The liminal space, the space in between along with its importance with micro movements If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a 5 star rating so that others can find the show! Take a screenshot and DM me @sldwellness or @flowingwiththepunches on Instagram to be entered to win a FREE reiki or tarot session with me! — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/sld-wellness/message
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